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Technopak series HPLC column is designed for most LC method development, including a wide range of different phases (C18, C8,Phenyl, C4, C1, and CN as reverse phases, and CN, Silica, NH2, and Diol as normal phases). All the phases are made from monomericorganic silane to ensure exceptional batch-to-batch reproducibility and fast mass transfer. The different selectivity of primesil seriesphases allows customers to select the best column to achieve optimal separation. The PRIMESIL ODS P belongs to the new group of stationary RP-supports withpolar embedded groups. The packing is very stable over a wide pH range (pH 1-11). Inaddition, it offers a maximum of hydrophobicity combined with a maximum of polar selectivity. The silanophilic activity of the support is very low. Ultra strong basic compoundssuch as amitriptyline can be eluted from the column at neutral pH values with excellentsymmetrical peak shapes. The main application area of these packings is the pharmaceutical industry, where analytesoften have basic or acidic groups. For the separation of these compounds these suppports exhibit an enhanced polar selectivity. That means: In comparison to a classical bonded C18 column acidic compounds show a higher retention whereas basic compounds show a slight decrease of retention on an embedded polar column. The C18 Technopak ODS P type is available in several particle and pore sizes.

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Particle Size (µ) Pore Size A Surface Area m2/g Pore Volume cm3/g Carbon Load PH Range
3, 5, 10 μm 120 Å 320m2/g 1.0 15% 1.0 - 11

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