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Technopak C30
Technopak C30 is a stationary phase with a high carbon load. The high coverage of the support results in a very dense packing and in an excellent shape selectivity and stability even at pH 1. The C30-bonding type is available with several pore sizes and in several particle sizes. Especially the wide pore supports are showing an enhanced shape selectivity. The application field of the C30 packings is the separation of isomers of carotonoides and other long alkyl chain solutes, like that can not be separated on classical C18 columns. The 300 Å packing is also available with endcappping

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Particle Size (µ) Pore Size A Surface Area m2/g Pore Volume cm3/g Carbon Load PH Range
3,5,10 120 300, 200,100 1.0 25% 1- 7

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