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WESLEY Fitting Design Several fittings styles are commonly used in HPLC. They differ in material of the fitting body and of the tip, the head design, the length, and the price. They can be reusable or single-use. But it is very important to consider the pressure limit which the fitting can reliably hold. Recently, with the introduction of ultra-high-pressure chromatography, the requirements for reliable ultra-high-pressure connections became even more important. WESLEY has introduced two new styles of HPLC fittings. These two fittings are convenient replacements for all styles of commonly used fittings (see table below). One fitting style covers pressure range up to 5000 psi (350 bar) for regular HPLC applications. The other fitting design covers pressures up to 14,000 psi (1000 bar) for ultra-high-pressure applications.These fittings are not only less expensive than comparable fittings from other vendors, but they offer additional functional benefits.
1  Metal one-piece design for high- and ultra-high-pressure applications. Non-removable. Wrench is required for installation
2  Two-piece metal fitting with extended design for limitted access installations. Can be used for high- and ultra-high-pressure applications. Non-removable ferrule. Wrench is required for installation.