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Removes harmful contaminants and particulates Longer Column Lifetime. The Technopak Guard Columns  traps contaminants and particulates. Once the cartridge is exhausted, simply replace it instead of your expensive column investment. The universal holder provides a leak-free connection to virtually any HPLC column.
You will experience:
• Increased column lifetime
• Higher column performance
• More reproducible chromatography
• Fewer wasted columns

WESLEY Guard Columns: Universal Protection for HPLC & UPLC Columns

Use Advanced Guard Column with virtually all HPLC columns 2.1 to 4.6mm ID. The extremely low dead volume of Guard Column minimizes sample peak dispersion and provides efficient column protection with virtaully no change in chromatography.

  • • Universal guard cartridge system that effectively traps contaminants and micro-particulates
  • • Extends the lifetime of core-shell and sub-2µm LC columns
  • • Pressure rated to 20000 psi (1376 bar)
  • • Easy to assemble and simple to use
  • • Part No:Guard Column Holder-P/n:WESGCH656
  • • C18 Guard Cartridge P/n: WESGC18656
  • • C8 Guard Cartridge P/n: WESGC8656
  • • CN Guard Cartridge P/n: WESGCN656
  • • Phenyl Guard Cartridge P/n: WESGPH656
  • • Amino Guard Cartridge P/n: WESGNH2656