Flowrosil HPLC Columns

Flowrosil HPLC Columns

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Wesley Technologies Inc, provides FLOWROSIL brand HPLC columns. The FLOWROSIL chromatography product line includes several robust reversed phase, Normal Phase and prep columns as well as specialty columns such as the nitrophenylethyl group, pyrenylethyl group and Sugar-D. FLOWROSIL pyrenylpropyl group and pentabromobenzyl group columns, mixed mode are well recognized worldwide for Fullerene separation. We are experts on bonding chemistry and innovative packing materials for chromatography applications. Through the optimal utilization of our resources across the world, we have developed many innovative chromatographic consumable products, including HPLC columns, SPE products etc.. and improving the HPLC methods currently used, Wesley Technologies Inc has continued to develop new stationary phases or transformed existing phases into marketable products, It is our aim to provide the best high performance columns to HPLC users around the world. We measure the quality of our service in the nature of our technical support and after-sales service and not only in the product itself. It is our desire to assure customers' satisfaction and make an important contribution to the future of life sciences and all other chemical industries.

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