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Flowrosil series HPLC column is designed for most LC method development, including a wide range of different phases (C18, C8, Phenyl, C4, C1, and CN as reverse phases, and CN, Silica, NH2, and Diol as normal phases). All the phases are made from monomeric organic silane to ensure exceptional batch-to-batch reproducibility and fast mass transfer. The different selectivity of primesil series phases allows customers to select the best column to achieve optimal separation. Characteristics of hybrid particles based Technopak H columns: Wide pH range from 1.0 to 12.5 Silica particle properties of high mechanic strength and high efficiency and organic polymer properties of inertness and resistance to alkali dissolution Long column lifetime 5 times of similar product such as Gemini Excellent peak shape for strong bases Hybrid particles based flowrosil HPLC columns are designed for wide pH application, especially for high pH application because of their unprecedented long lifetime at high pH. Hybrid particles based Flowrosil HPLC columns can be used at any mobile phase composition and high temperature condition. They dont exhibit phase collapse even at 100% aqueous mobile phase condition. Even under extreme conditions, the hybrid particles based Flowrosil HPLC columns will still exhibit excellent performance, making hybrid particles based Flowrosil HPLC columns the most reliable solution for the most difficult separation.


Particle Size (µ) Pore Size A Surface Area m2/g Pore Volume cm3/g Carbon Load PH Range
1.7 120 320 1.0 12 2-7.5

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